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Low Pressure or “Soft Wash” House Washing in Westfield, IN
We can safely remove years of dirt and grime from your home.

Under normal conditions it doesn’t take long for the exterior of a home to get dirty. Usually just a couple of years and you’ll begin to see signs that your home is getting dirty. If your house is in the shade you’ll be battling with algae and mildew if your house is in the sun it’s going to be dust, dirt and pollens. Unless you keep on top of it your siding materials aren’t going to look as shiny and new as they did when they were installed.

Over a period of time the algae and mildew can actually “etch” your siding and while the dirt/grime will come off the marks may remain. A semi-regular power washing routine can simply rinse it all away without hassles but don’t let it get too far!

How Do You Konw If Your House Is Dirty Enough To Wash?

This test is pretty simple… Just run your fingers along a section of your exposed siding and see how rough the surface is and how dirty your fingers now are.  Most homeowners are surprised at the difference a simple house washing can make!

Don’t Use High Pressure To Power Wash Siding!

Vinyl siding, stucco and other types of siding material was never engineered to take a blast of several hundred or even a thousand PSI from a power washing machine. You can literally blow holes in siding and cause extensive damage to the exterior of a home. This is why “soft washing” is a much more preferable approach and won’t cause any damage to your home.

Instead of intense pressure at the nozzle end we instead rely on high quality detergents and some very soft scrubbing to do the work. This will be followed by a high volume low pressure rinse that will remove all the dirt/grime and detergents from your home. The detergents we use are also environmentally safe and non-toxic to your family, flowers and pets.

This system is safer and more effective than the traditional high pressure “blast-off -the-dirt” method that many power washing companies practice.

We are your house washing specialist, specializing in Low-Pressure House washing. Exceptionally dirty or neglected houses are not a problem, we take it as challenge and we’re ready to accept!

House Washing Services in Westfield IN

  • House Washing “Low-Pressure”
  • Washing Vinyl Siding
  • Washing Stucco Homes
  • Washing Hardie Plank or Cement Siding
  • Washing Decks and Porches
  • Washing Gutter Faces

Why Hire White’s Painting and Power Washing For Your Project?

When you choose White’s Painting and Power Washing to complete your project you’re partnering with an owner operated firm that has more than 30 years experience in the painting and power washing industry. We maintain our commercial grade equipment and use the latest technologies and cleaning methods that are recommended by siding manufacturers.

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