Metal Roof Painting


Central Indiana's Metal Roof Painting and Coating Experts

Don't let a rusting or faded and oxidized metal roof compromise the appearance, value or integrity of your property. With over 30 years experience painting and coating metal roofs White's trained professional applicators are insured, fully equipped and have all the qualifications to ensure a superior metal roof painting job on your home, commercial or agricultural building.

Although there are many different types of metal roof paints and coatings available on the market today we are adept at all applications, over the years we have developed a system that primarily utilizes non fibrous asphalt aluminum roof coating for its protective, rust inhibitive and heat reflection qualities.

Advantages of Painting Metal Roofs Using Asphalt Aluminum

Weatherproofs: An asphalt roof coating forms a protective water repellent barrier between a metal roof and the elements.

Rust inhibitive: Asphalt aluminum is formulated to reduce further corrosion of metal roofs.

Flexibility: Asphalt aluminum will expand and contract with your metal roof, resisting cracking chipping or peeling

Reflects: Aluminum roof coatings reflect the suns harmful rays, and can dramatically reduce surface temperatures aiding in reducing interior building temperatures.  This creates more comfortable conditions for people and livestock

Aesthetics: An attractive roof is an asset to your property, coating your metal roof will improve its look to a uniform like new appearance

Cost effective protection: Lowering roof maintenance costs, increasing roof life expectancy

Versatile: Can be used for protecting and preserving a variety of metal surfaces such as grain bins, storage tanks metal siding and all types of metal industrial and agricultural building applications.

Before any coating is applied all roofing and surfaces to be painted are properly prepared and inspected, any issues are repaired by tightening and replacing any loose or missing fasteners, caulking, patching and flashing all areas required to ensure optimal results.

Additional Information About Our Metal Roof Painting Service

Aluminum roof coatings are often used to add reflectivity to a built-up or modified bitumen roof surface or to rust- and waterproof metal roofs. The quality of the asphalt in the product provides the waterproofing and rustproofing layer and stops the rust from continued corrosion on metal roofs. With the addition of high-grade aluminum flake to the asphalt, the aluminum protects the asphalt from UV rays, providing for longer protection. A quality aluminum roof coating should not require priming, reducing the overall installation costs.

Aluminum roof coatings are best for treating rust and preventing it from spreading. While the only color choice for this coating is aluminum, the aluminum appearance can give an unattractive rusted roof a more pleasing image.
In addition, the aluminum naturally protects the asphalt in the coating from UV radiation and provides 50 percent to 65 percent reflectivity. One further benefit to aluminum coatings is they are not limited to low-slope applications and can be used for steep slopes. A premium quality, asphalt aluminum coating will protect a metal roof or surface for many years.

We Paint The Following Metal Roofs

  • Metal house roofs
  • Commercial roofs
  • Industrial roofs
  • Morton buildings
  • Pole barn metal roofs
  • Shed roofs
  • Equestrian facilities roofs
  • Barn roofs
  • Outdoor arenas
  • Any type of farm and agricultural building metal roof or siding.

We proudly service greater Indianapolis and all of Central Indiana offering complete painting coating and power washing solutions.  Whatever your metal roof painting needs may be, please call today for a free no obligation estimate and deal directly with the owner of a local family owned and operated business.