Power Washing Your Siding

Why Would You Hire Someone To Power Wash Your Siding?

Power Washing Your Siding

Professional pressure washing also known as power washing is the quickest way to freshen up your home’s exterior and prolong the life of your siding. Did you know that your home’s siding needs to be cleaned about every two years, or even more often if it’s in a shaded tree/brush covered area? As time passes, it’s not unusual for some wear, discoloration, or even mold and mildew to appear on almost all siding types. While you may think your house needs a fresh coat of paint, a proper cleaning may be all that it needs to give it new life!

Types of Siding We Can Pressure Wash For You

Before any type of pressure washing begins, you will need to determine what type of siding you have, and how to best clean it. Some of the more common types of house siding include stucco, vinyl, metal, and wood.

Stucco siding really benefits from regular, thorough cleaning. This type of siding can be prone to discoloration and staining if it’s not properly cared for. However, stucco can be tricky to wash correctly without damaging the surface, so it’s best to leave this job to the pros! A power washing professional will know the proper pressure, nozzle type, and technique to use, resulting in a bright and even appearance.

Pressure washing vinyl and metal siding prevents the build-up of dust, dirt, pollens, sap and more. Oxidation from the sun can make your siding appear faded and washed out. Proper pressure washing can clear up all of these common problems, often without the use of harsh chemicals.

Finally, wood siding also benefits from routine pressure washing. This type of siding is softer than other siding types, and requires more care and expertise to clean without causing damage. When properly executed, pressure washing removes embedded mold, dirt and algae that hide in the wood grain. If your home’s wood siding has been painted well, washing will easily remove these debris. However if a new paint job is needed, pressure washing can remove loose and peeling paint. It is always an essential part of the preparation for that new coat of paint.


Although pressure washing can appear to be an easy task, skill and practice are required to prevent doing both visible and invisible damage to your home. In many cases, incorrect pressure washing can cause more harm than good. If water is accidentally forced between the siding and wooden surfaces of your home, mold and rot can form. This can also lead to damage in walls, attics and roofs. Additionally, window seals can be damaged by high-pressure water. The water can be forced into your home, causing damage to your walls, carpets and floors. Once damaged, leaky window seals allow water and air to enter your home, resulting in increased heating/cooling and water damage repair costs.

Other pressure washing damage can include visible damages to the siding of the house. Your home’s siding can be bent and dented if washed incorrectly. Soffits and trim can be knocked loose. These damages to your home are an ugly eyesore and require time and effort to be repaired.

Finally, it is important to consider your own safety. Most homeowners are inexperienced with pressure washing, and are not familiar with the process. The high-pressure water can cause personal injuries. It is also far too common for people to fall from ladders while pressure washing. For the safety of yourself and your home, it is best to have a professional pressure wash your home’s siding!

Benefits of Pressure Washing

Most homes can benefit from pressure washing about once a year. This removes any dirt or mold that may have accumulated on the home, before it begins to damage your siding. Plants that grow against the house can allow for mold and algae to grow and begin to discolour the siding.

But keeping the outside of your home clean has more than just visual benefits. By having a professional wash your home’s siding, you will also be improving your family’s health. Dirt, mold and algae that build up on your home’s siding can trigger allergies and cause health concerns for those living within the house. It’s much healthier to have these nuisances pressure-washed away by a professional.

Your home’s exterior is its first protection against weather and other harsh elements. By properly maintaining your home’s siding through pressure washing, you will see a number of important benefits.

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